Any woman like to chat

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One thing that I want to point out first though is that you can talk about pretty much anything you want, as long as you are making the woman feel attracted to you. Where a lot of guys go wrong is that they talk to women in a way that only causes her to feel friendly types of emotions.

You might have seen other guys talk to women and when they start talking to women, sparks are flying immediately. There is clear sexual spark between them and it happened so easily. The spark was created immediately by the way he spoke to her. I want to be his girlfriend! I want to be with him. What will make her feel that way is triggering some sexual attraction. Referring to her as a naughty nurse immediately makes both of you start to imagine something like the image above. Women love it when a guy can be confident enough to say something funny like that in an easy-going way. Additionally, giving a woman when you are also being attractive to her actually makes her feel more attracted to you because she will now see you as being a charming guy.

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Guys who make women feel attracted to them and give women compliments at time are seen as charming guys. Simple: You are making her feel sexual attraction in response to your confidence and ability to use that type of humor. Not all of the types of humor that guys use are attractive to women. The most attractive type of humor that makes her feel girly in response to your masculinity. If you pay attention from now on, you will notice that the most popular of the funny, TV talk show hosts use that type of humor. They are not afraid to say things that are a little bit daring or risky or things that put people on the spot.

People laugh at that sort of humor when they see others experiencing it or when they experience it themselves. Does she feel bored or does she feel excited? Does she feel turned on or does she feel turned off? She feels excited about meeting a good guy who she also feels attracted to. The thing that makes a woman want to have sex with you or start a relationship with you is sexual attraction and that is something that you need to actively trigger. The more ways that you can make a woman feel sexually attracted to you, the more attracted and interested she will be.

A guy like that is hoping that he will make her feel guilty and obliged to keep talking to him, so he will then have enough time to grow on her. Getting a drink at that point is absolutely fine.

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That is the type of humor that a funny TV talk show host would use. They playfully put people on the spot, reverse roles, etc. You need to trigger feelings of sexual attraction by making them feel attracted to you in many different ways. Using humor is just one of the ways to make women feel attracted to you. At The Modern Man, I teach guys how to make women feel attracted to them in more than different ways.

You can actually attract women in more than different ways. Another example of conversation is not about a woman who is working, but a woman who is at university. So, say for example a guy is talking to a girl at university and he then asks her what she is studying. She tells him that he is studying medicine.

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Good on you! So, instead of just being the typical nice guy who gives her a compliment and is trying really hard to show her that he is good guy, he can make her feel attracted. You should be a good guy, but you can also make women feel attracted to you at certain moments in a conversation!

When she says that she is studying medicine, he can say something like this to make her feel attracted to him…. I mean, when I saw you I thought you looked like a smart girl. I thought I you might be studying something a little bit more difficult than that. Medicine…anyone can do that. Anyone can be a doctor. By making her laugh and displaying confidence like that, he will be attracting her in two different ways at once.

That is much better than just being friendly and not creating any sexual attraction. A comment like that is not meant to be serious. You are just joking around and having a laugh with her. Women are attracted to guys who can make them laugh and who are confident to say things like that and not be afraid of making a mistake.

A lot of guys are afraid to say something that a girl might not like. Those include: Death, murder, rape, disease and things like that. A lot of guys make the mistake of trying to show women how intelligent they are, how much of a good guy they are, how trustworthy they are as a guy and how loyal they are. You might have seen it happen before…. Minutes later, you see them kissing and leaving the party, bar or club together. Whereas, what you actually need to do is trigger her feelings of sexual attraction for you right away.

Most guys need to learn how to be more successful with women….

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Some guys have a natural ability with women and they learn this sort of stuff instinctively as they grow up. Just like you might be better at certain things in life compared to other guys, the guys who are naturally good with women currently have an edge over you. You can actually do it better if you learn what we teach here at The Modern Man. Back then, a man could talk to a woman he liked and make all sorts of mistakes that get modern men rejected and he would still be able to marry her.

Women had less options to choose from and needed to find a man to marry. Back then, society basically looked at the life of a woman as being about serving a man. Cooking for him, cleaning and taking care of the offspring, while he went out and earned money to take care of them. In the past, a man would basically have to show that he could take care of a woman and provide for her.

He would court her, buy her gifts and show her that he was capable of taking care of her. He would then ask her father for her hand in marriage and they would lose their virginity on the wedding night. If you began courting a woman and she showed some interest, it essentially meant that you and her were going to get married…even if you sucked at conversation. Society has changed and is not going back to the s or s.

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You either adapt or get left behind. These days, most women are allowed to have sex before marriage and they happily do so. As a result of that, most women only select men that they feel very attracted to. A lot of good guys come to my website and ask me questions about why they are struggling so much to get a girlfriend or get laid.

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What she wants to feel is sexual attraction, not just nice, friendly feelings for you. Being good is not good enough. You also need to make women feel sexual attraction. What turns a woman on sexually are the male personality traits and behaviors that naturally attract women.

There are lo of other good guys who would happily have sex with her as well, but what she is trying to find is a guy who makes her feel sexually attracted. If you now want to get an in-depth education on how to talk to women and make them feel attracted to you and want to be with you sexually and romantically, then I have a program for that called, The Ultimate Guide to Conversation.

To create the program, we met up on several occasions months of work to plan and create a structured program that teaches a guy how to talk to women so he can get a girlfriend, get laid or make a woman fall in love with him during a conversation. Before getting into the recording studio to record the audio, we spent a lot of time discussing exactly what we say that makes women feel instantly attracted and how we make women fall in love with us during a conversation.

We also discussed where guys go wrong, the mistakes they make and how to easily fix those mistakes so a guy can begin talking to women in a way that instantly sparks attraction and then builds on that to create intense feelings of attraction inside of a woman. When everything was ready, we put it all together into a structured program called, The Ultimate Guide to Conversation. In the program, you will learn what to say to start conversations with women, how to keep conversations going and keep them interesting, how to flirt with women and create a sexual vibe, how to get a woman to fall in love with you during a conversation and want to have sex with you and be your girlfriend.

Some guys are naturally good with women, but not all guys are. I had to learn how to be good with women and same with Ben from The Modern Man, but Stu is a natural and has always been good with women. In the past, I used to walk up to talk to women and feel extremely nervous about it.

As for Ben, he was going out to approach women long before we met and we all met at a time where the three of us Ben, Stu and I were successful with women. Conversation is one of those things that guys really need to be good at if they want to be successful with women. Never in human history has it been possible for men to help each other like this from across the world. I can be your friend, I can be your brother, I can be your cousin, so to speak.

I can be there for you and same with Ben and Stu. We can be your male peer group that teaches you the essential lessons that you need to learn to be successful with women. Once you learn this stuff and start using it, you will see how easy it is to attract women. At The Modern Man, we teach guys how to make women feel attracted to them in more than different ways. You can attract women in so many different ways and during a conversation is the best time to do it. You will really enjoy listening to the program and you will learn so many amazing insights about attracting women and get so many examples of what to say to make women want you.

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Any woman like to chat

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