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N erina Ramlakhan remembers when her daughter was a toddler, and how if she got too tired she would be unable to switch off. Overtiredness is recognised the world over in young children — but it is seemingly more and more common in adults. Dr Ramlakhan should know: she is a sleep psychologist and is increasingly seeing people who remind her of her little girl when she was younger.

Overtiredness, sleep experts agree, is down to our always-on existence. In the past, says Ramlakhan, the author of The Little Book of Sleepour days had naturally built-in downtime that gave us short snatches of rest.

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Today, that has disappeared for many of us. Now, any window like that will be filled by looking at your phone, answering some s, sorting out your Amazon. The result, says Ramlakhan, is that it goes into what we might call survival mode: it assumes that something bad is about to happen, it ups the adrenaline and it puts out an urgent call for sugary snacks to provide quick-release energy.

What are the s that you may be overtired? If you get into bed at night and find your mind is still racing with what has been going on through the day, overtiredness could be to blame.

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During the day, you may find it difficult to concentrate or to see the wood for the trees in your professional and your personal lives. Vik Veer is an ear, nose and throat consultant who specialises in sleep apnoea.

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But he has become something of a sleep expert because so many people who consult him turn out to have different sleep issues, including — he believes — overtiredness. You see people looking haggard and tired, and only just making it through. Who is at particular risk of overtiredness? Veer says thirty- and fortysomethings are especially vulnerable: they often have a great deal on their plates and they feel they have to keep on going, however tough the terrain. They are less likely than older people to build breaks and switch-off time into their days; they have high expectations of their social life as well as their professional life, so a busy day at the office is followed by a busy evening out in a bar or meeting friends.

So, they decide to spend another hour watching the first of the box set; and then a second; and before they turn out the light, they reach again for their phone for a quick update on messages and news. Inthe American psychologist put physiological requirements, including sleep, food, water and shelter, at the bottom of his pyramid; self-actualisation, such as seeking happiness, pursuing a goal, using our talents, are at the top. As it is harder to go without food, water and shelter, we have decided sleep is expendable.

Paradoxically, another society-wide symptom, says Ramlakhan, is our communal obsession with sleep.

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How do we banish overtiredness? Symonds says we need to look at how we deal with the condition in kids and put the same wisdom to use in our own lives. Veer recommends sleep hygiene techniques, especially cutting out coffee in the second half of the day and having a wind-down routine, just as children do.

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Ramlakhan says we should also drink more water, get to bed earlier at least three nights a week — maybe as early as 9. Joanna Moorhead. Reuse this content.

Can t sleep i wanna fuck

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