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San Francisco is certainly the most romantic city on the U. West Coast, and quite possibly the whole country. The Bay, the architecture, landscapes and atmosphere make "San Fran" a must for romantic travel. Even just a weekend in this Northern California city presents an tantalizing choice of romantic places to eat or have a coffee, cable car rides, wine tasting, excursions over water, or someplace high up to just sip a cocktail and marvel at everything you see.

This is just a brief look at some of the best things for couples to do on a romantic getaway in San Francisco, including a couple of exciting day trips. See Fisherman's Wharf: touristy for sure, but spend at least part of the day down here exploring Pier 39 and all the souvenir shops, street vendors and ice cream parlours. If you're staying downtown, getting here can be half the fun see details of a romantic cable car ride to Fisherman's Wharf below.

Get to the Golden Gate Bridge: the most beautiful bridge in the world? And no romantic getaway in San Francisco is complete without seeing it at least once! Sometimes the Golden Gate can be totally shrouded in fog, which can add to the experience! Besides driving across it, you'll want to view it from a good vantage point.

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About an hour before sunset is when it seems to look its best! Tour Alcatraz: visit the most famous prison in the world! A short boat ride brings you out to this island-jail.

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Captivating place that can make you feel, well, maybe not quite "romantic" but Self-guided tours are available and highly recommended. Stroll Through Chinatown: make you way through the crowded streets of vegetable stands, fish and meat stalls, temples and restaurants.

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An exciting ethnic experience in one of the most vibrant neighborhoods in America. Looking for a romantic wedding idea on San Francisco Bay? Don't miss the chance to drive and walk this crazy, curvy lane between Hyde St. It's an impossibly bent-out-of-shape residential lane that's also of the steepest in the world. One of the fun things to do in San Francisco! Sit on the Grass at Alamo Square: this is the photo you always see of the colorful Victorian row houses, with the city peeking out behind. Put yourself in the picture, and get someone or the camera's self-timer to snap this great souvenir of your romantic getaway in San Francisco.

Go for a Nightcap in the Lounge at the Fairmont Hotel: the Crown Room at this luxury Nob Hill hotel is a choice spot for a late night glass of wine with a splendid 23rd-floor view of San Francisco's twinkling lights. Celebrate a Romantic Anniversary in San Francisco: why not book a night or 2 in a romantic hotel? Better yet, make it a hotel in San Francisco with a private in-room hot tub suite. Some of the most romantic places in San Francisco are ones you find on your own - a view from a hill, a nice spot down by the water, or in one of the cities great dining establishments.

Here's a few more:. Don't miss the chance to hang on to the poles of one of the cities Cable cars as it clatters up and down the streets this will put you right back into every Streets of San Francisco episode or Rice-a-Roni commercial you ever saw! One of the best and most scenic rides on a San Francisco cable car is the Powell-Hyde Line which you can board downtown just below Union Square. You get a totally unique and awesome view of San Francisco, ride right past Lombard Street, and end up at the western edge of Fisherman's Wharf.

It's a great afternoon getaway from the city, with nice views across the bay, a very walkable main street with just the right mix of shops, bistros, galleries and cafes. To get to Sausalito, you can get back on that beautiful bridge again on the north. Or, may we suggest an even more romantic excursion: the Golden Gate Ferry which chugs across the Bay in about 30 minutes. Napa Valley: A perfect day trip from the city, and a romantic destination all it's own. The Napa and Sonoma Valleys are full of excellent restaurants, spas, gorgeous scenery, and of course, some of the best wine in the world.

Arriving by air, you'll most likely begin your romantic getaway in San Francisco in one of 3 major airports in the Bay Area:. More and more low-fare carriers are using Oakland and San Jose. Getting around San Francisco presents the usual challenges common to any big US city. Romantic Hotels and Inns. Hotel Hot Tub Suites. Romantic Getaway Ideas.

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Find Couples in San Francisco

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