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Alan McGee, the man who discovered Oasis and worked with Primal Scream, Teenage Fanclub and many more, takes reporter David Owens on a tour of the highs and lows of his heady life. He attributes his impressive weight loss to his love of walking, more particularly the trails around the picturesque countryside near his home in Wales, and also adhering to the Keto diet. The visionary Scot, still deeply embedded in the music industry courtesy of his Creation Management company, which looks after the likes of fellow musical stalwarts the Happy Mondays, Cast, Glasvegas and the View, has recently returned from a spin around the Powys countryside, near to a home bought in as a sanctuary from the noise and mayhem of London.

The Libertines were completely out of control. One morning Barat smashed his head against a sink, after a row with Doherty. His eye was hanging out of his head. There was so much blood it was unbelievable. McGee has been more than aware of his own health and mortality having survived the drink and drugs fuelled haze of the s, a health scare in when a pre-cancerous polyp was discovered in his colon, made all the more prescient given his cherished mum Barbara died of colon cancer when she was in her 50s. Then five years ago he was rushed to Nevill Hall Hospital in Abergavenny where he was diagnosed with a hernia and an inflamed colon, which turned out to be colitis.

It looks like he has those notorious hour party people the Happy Mondays to blame for his impromptu hospitalisation. Although, it was more class fast food than class As that was doing the damage. Eight hundred is critical so it was caught in time. I could have ended up with septicaemia otherwise. It all stems from hood that was anything but happy. His father was a panel beater and his mother worked in shops. It would escalate into some massive drama and inevitably end up with me getting battered by my old man.

He tells me there was much artistic licence taken with his story, the of how a former British Rail worker set up an independent record company in the s that released some of the greatest records of all time on a label populated by mavericks and lunatics and somehow ended up attending receptions at 10 Downing Street with then Prime Minister Tony Blair at the height of Cool Britannia. So you have to basically go with it. I used to see Robert Plant wandering around. Jimmy had just got sober and was wandering around. Jimmy is a god to me. As well as era-defining author Welsh, the film brings together a of Trainspotting alumni, adding even more of a keenly-anticipated edge to the movie.

Amusingly, it appears it was Hollywood star Ewan McGregor who was originally mooted for the part of the scrawny ginger Scotsman who conquers the music world. I turned it down. You know what I look like. People put money in and people would take money out. He was the connecting person to everyone. He was the one who greased the wheels for me to go along with it. He just wanted it to tick one box. We are quite different in a lot of ways, me and Irvine, but I could go along with most of it.

Irvine hates him. McGee, who is twice married and has a son, Daniel, with his ex-wife Yvonne and a daughter with his second wife, Kate, said there was only one contentious issue he asked Welsh to remove from the script. Not because he had ever met her. Everyone gets it in the film. But she has a couple of proper one-liners. And I said, take that out mate. So that got taken out. Everything else was left in. If you thought the music maverick would be disappointed that there is to be no grand unveiling of the movie at a glitzy premiere due to the pandemic, you would be wrong.

Have you asked everybody you know? People come to see us. Of course he can. American presidents, I know what their game is. He immediately informed his best mate Gillespie that they were now both punks and promptly formed a bedroom band called the Drains, which never played a gig. Music was his inspiration when he left for London, aged 19, with a battered bass guitar and a tenner in his pocket, sleeping rough on the roof of Covent Garden Tube station with his mate Andrew Innes, later to be Primal Scream guitarist, the two eventually finding a roof over their he at a squat in Clapham.

Music and ecstasy was harnessed as club culture blossomed at the turn of the s into the s thanks to acid house and his old school mates Primal Scream soundtracking the nation with their multi-million-selling Screamadelica album. The label had run up considerable debt that was only held off until McGee sold half the company to Sony Music in for several million pounds, money which kept the label afloat.

There he happened upon the whirlwind-in-waiting that would define the s and earn Creation Records unimaginable millions — a bunch of Manc scallies who forced the club manager to let them play for 20 minutes. After their first song, McGee had seen enough to offer the band called Oasis a contract on the spot.

If you believe in fate and the stars aligning, you cannot deny there was some sort of magic at play. It was all total chance, total, total chance. I thought they were a band who might be able to sellcopies, not 65 million albums and all these platinum records.

The Creation head himself was becoming as big a name as the band themselves. Creation Records had long been party central and Friday afternoons at the office turned into a drink and drug-fueled sessions of bacchanalian excess with McGee as cheerleader-in-chief that lasted all weekend.

He suffered a breakdown as the partying took its toll. The record company chief took his last line of cocaine in February Oasis released their debut single Supersonic in April of that year.

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Just as Oasis were igniting the blue touch paper, the party had to start without him. Morning Glory. Realising that London life was becoming toxic, in the record company boss made another life-changing decision and bought a house in the Welsh countryside. It became the perfect rural retreat and change of scene that would help save him from himself. Suffering burnout and disillusionment with the label, Creation Records closed its doors in Do I regret doing it?

Some days I do, actually. Buying the house in Hay-on-Wye ininitially as a holiday retreat, the music mogul moved to the Welsh countryside for good indesperate to escape London with his wife Kate and their daughter Charlie.

I thought to myself, if I ever make it I want one of them. Describing life in Powys as a spiritual rehab, McGee tells me he spent five years reading, watching films and bringing up his daughter, happily isolated from the rat race.

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I can sit in my room, look at the Black Mountains and I can just decide should I or should I not go and do this or go and do that? I find in London that everything is like a bum rush every single time. It got so boring. You come down here and people are actually nice. Everyone has got an agenda.

Me and the missus were in London for too long. It freaks me out. All I ever want to do in London is get in and get out of it.

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The rest was recuperative in every sense, McGee wrote his autobiography that was published in and plotted his return to music, resurrecting Creation Management. He even bought a converted chapel in Talgarth with damages he received from the News of the World after discovering the newspaper had hacked his phone.

Evidently, Wales has not only fired his fitness, thanks to his love of walking, but also his creativity. Having that place to stay stopped us being defeated and going back to Glasgow. The only thing that could take it down is the world is changing so fast. Do young people really want this old guy pontificating about music? They let me their bands and let me put their music out. And people like you, the media, still want me to be involved.

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